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March 23, 2011
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Adrian Kokoro and Pokemon by IrateResearchers Adrian Kokoro and Pokemon by IrateResearchers

Name: Adrian Kokoro
(alt view:) [link]
Age: 22
Height: slightly shorter than average.
Hometown: Gallatium City in the Virdan Region
Personality: Adrian is a boy living in the shadow of his older sibling. However, his brother was a trainer, and Adrian is a COLLECTOR. This means he is going for quantity over quality. Interestingly, some of the most power in his team comes from pokemon his brother once used.

He's generally quiet, however depending on how people treat him, he'll act in response. He's either friendly, hostile, or ignores most things. If he's hostile to a trainer, he'll fire a pokeball into their face with his launcher, first chance he gets. He likes to study others and think before talking, and almost never engages. If he gets little room to think things through, he can come off rude or arrogant.

He especially hates braggarts.

Adrian has a lot of things to talk about, but he won't tell them unless asked. His brother is a subject that he both loves and dislikes.

Adrian seems at first to be a loner type, but this is not the case. He would love to have friends, but he has no knowledge of how to gain them.

His region is advanced, and has a great deal of specialized devices for assisting trainers. Adrian uses the Pokelauncher*, a device that assists in throwing pokeballs, as he isn't very good at throwing things.
History: Virdan Region is an isle not too far away from Unova. It is generally ignored by outside trainers, so it's pokemon training demographic is very competitive. His brother achieved the status of "pokemon champion" for the region before vanishing without a word, leaving behind all the pokemon he used to reach his goal.

Since then Adrian has had to deal with overcoming his brother's legacy, as well as finding out what happened. He's chosen to become a pokemon collector instead of a trainer, which has been aided by his brother's former pokemon.

Overall he's proven an adept battler in Virdan, earning every badge his region had to offer so he could focus on capturing new pokemon.

*his Pokelauncher is a spring-firing plastic device meant to assist in lobbing pokeballs. It's not very powerful. Magnetic forces have no effect on the device, other than making the auto-light wonky.

Theme: [link]
Battle Theme: [link]

Pokemon #1:
Name: Dot
Species: Magnemite
Sex: None
Ability: Analytic, Sturdy
Nature: Clever
Hold Item: Magnet
Battle style: Dot likes to hold back at range and blast the opponent, often using flash to blind the foe.
Moves: Zap Cannon
Magnet Bomb
Flash cannon
Other info: Dot is Shiny. Dot is Adrian's oldest pokemon, and is capable of talking, but is quieter than Adrian.
Theme: [link]

Pokemon #2:
Name: Veigar
Species: Lampent
Sex: Male
Ability: Flame Body, Shadow Tag
Nature: Wicked
Hold Item: Metronome
Battle style: Veigar likes to inflict Status ailments, relying on his ghostly form to defend himself.
Moves: Shadow Ball
Fire blast
Fire spin
Other info: Veigar telepathically taunts foes into making rash decisions. He enjoys making foes suffer
Theme: [link]

Pokemon #3:
Name: D.C.
Species: Kabuto
Sex: Male
Ability: Battle Armor, Swift Swim
Nature: Gung-ho
Hold Item: Eviolite
Battle style: D.C. is defense-oriented, and can weather through most attacks before he lashes out at exhausted foes.
Moves: Harden
Rock Smash
Other info: D.C. Knows how to speak only one word: Huzzah. He is by far the friendliest of the group.
Theme: [link]

Pokemon #4:
Name: Fu
Species: Alakazam
Sex: Male
Ability: Magic Guard, Synchronize
Nature: Wise
Hold Item: Psychic Gem
Battle style: Fu is the powerhouse of the team, holding a devastating psychic arsenal. He is considered by Adrian to be a 'secret weapon' of the team, as he has wiped out teams of pokemon on his own. He usually assaults foes with overpowering attacks to end battles quickly.
Moves: Future sight
Focus Blast
Other info: Fu was one of the strongest of the team Adrian's brother used. He's had many battles, and is clearly the 'big guns' of Adrian's pokemon team. He is always willing to lend telepathic advice to Adrian, as he has a lot of battle experience working with Adrian's sibling.

Pokemon #5:
Name: Tager
Species: Wailord
Sex: Male
Ability: Water Veil, Pressure
Nature: Calm
Hold Item: Water Gem
Battle style: Tager dislikes fighting, and prefers to end it quickly. Luckily, few pokemon can withstand a Giga Impact from a wailord... and less can take the barrage of water attack that he can follow with.
Moves: Surf
Giga Impact
Other info: Tager was the water transport of Adrian's brother. As such, he is often sent out to cross bodies of water, garnering enough attention to keep him happy.

Pokemon #6:
Name: Macross
Species: Pidgeot
Sex: Female
Ability: Big Pecks, Keen Eye
Nature: Aggressive
Hold Item: Flying Gem
Battle style: Macross focuses on speedy assaults on the enemy. She is unrelenting on foes, and quick to take any advantage.
Moves: Fly
Air Slash
Quick attack
Other info: Macross was Adrian's brother's favorite flyer. She is fond of both brothers, and expresses it with a sort of nuzzeling... which easily knocks Adrian over, as A pidgeot is far from small.
Theme: [link]


Pokemon #7: Reserve Pokemon
Name: Cirno
Species: Dratini
Sex: Female
Ability: Shed Skin, Marvel Scale
Nature: Idiot
Hold Item: Dragon Scale
Battle style: Plows straight in to do as much damage as possible.
Moves: Hyper Beam
Ice Beam
Dragon Tail
Dragon Rush
Other info: Cirno believes she is the strongest. She is not. She plows headfirst into battle. (She can get downright scary though.)
Theme: [link]
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